Speeding Accidents

No other state in the nation has as many car accident-related deaths as Texas. In 2013 alone, Texas roadways witnessed a staggering 3,377 traffic accident deaths. One of the main contributing factors in these accidents was speeding drivers. Motorists have a strict set of rules to follow while driving, but many still refuse to abide and put themselves and other motorists at a high risk of a collision.

The Fast Track to Injuries

When motorists speed while disregarding road signs and other drivers, they significantly decrease their chances of stopping their vehicle in time to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, the faster a vehicle travels, the more aggressive the car crash. This means an increased risk of catastrophic injuries or even death.

As a victim of a speeding car accident, you and your loved ones can be burdened with:

  • Personal injuries (head trauma, fractures, lacerations, etc.)
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of wages
  • Hospital bills
  • Therapy fees
  • Car repairs

Take Action

If you should ever be the victim of a driver’s negligent and unlawful actions, don’t settle for becoming another statistic. We know how difficult the aftermath of a speeding accident can be and want to do everything to help you overcome your burdens.

The Ramey Law Firm will work diligently to study and evaluate every aspect of your accident. Our personal injury attorneys can use solid evidence and data to create a personalized plan of action to secure the compensation you deserve. For more information about our services, contact our Dallas office today.

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