Determining Liability in an Amusement Park Injury Lawsuit

From Six Flags Over Texas to Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park, Texas is home to some of the world’s finest amusement parks. A day at any of these parks should be a day filled with wonderful memories, but unfortunately, that is not always how it turns out. While injuries are uncommon, those that do occur can lead to lasting medical problems and financial stress. If you or someone you love suffered an injury in an amusement park accident, Ramey Law Firm in Dallas, TX, can file a lawsuit against the responsible party to help you recover compensation. Attorney Hardin R. Ramey offers free consultations. To learn more about your next steps, call (972) 437-5577 or reach the firm online

Roller coaster

Rides such as roller coasters can cause catastrophic injuries if they are poorly maintained or otherwise neglected.

Types of Amusement Park Accidents

For some people, there is nothing quite like the thrill of being whipped around a roller coaster at lightning speed or making a huge splash on a water ride. Unfortunately, while these rides are supposed to be perfectly safe, terrible and life-threatening accidents do occur. Across the United States, thousands of amusement ride injuries take place each year. Common types of amusement park accidents include:

  • Slip and fall accidents on wet surfaces
  • Defective machinery that fails to meet safety requirements due to poor ride maintenance
  • A rider is struck by an object
  • A rider is ejected from his or her seat on a ride
  • Food poisoning resulting from contaminated or improperly prepared foods
  • Manufacturer error that causes a ride to fail or stop without warning (these defects are typically more common in new attractions that may have been opened without sufficient testing beforehand)
  • Operator error such as abruptly stopping a ride or improperly assembling it

Injuries suffered at amusement parks can range from relatively minor cuts and bruises to broken bones, head trauma, and even death.

Hold the Park Accountable

Amusement park officials owe guests a duty to keep the premises safe. This includes keeping surfaces such as walkways and handrails danger-free. They must also warn visitors of dangers in the park such as loose steps, clean up slipping hazards such as spills, keep dangerous pathways roped off, and repair or warn patrons of anything that can cause them harm.

If you were injured in an accident and the park failed to keep the premises safe, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the park for negligence.

If you were injured in an amusement park accident and the park failed to keep the premises safe, you may file a lawsuit against the park for negligence. You may be able to recover damages to cover your medical expenses, time away from work, emotional suffering, and more.

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