Intersection / Right of Way / Red Light

Soft tissue injuries caused by intoxicated driver
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

  • Case referred to our office by a Denton attorney. We established that the young defendant driving his father’s company car consumed 38 beers and a quantity of barbiturates. Soft tissue injuries without fractures and not requiring surgery.

Intersection collision
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

  • Husband driver suffered aggravation of previously operated back requiring more surgery. Wife passenger developed blood clot necessitating minor surgery and anticoagulation therapy.

Collision causing death of fetus
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

  • Our client was a passenger involved in a collision in downtown Dallas. As a result she suffered a miscarriage in the ninth month of her pregnancy. We collected four full policy limits, liability and UIM limits for injuries to the mother, plus liability and UIM limits for wrongful death of the unborn child.

Head-on collision
Suit filed in District Court of Fannin County.

  • We represented a mechanical engineer who suffered a perforated intestine as a result of a head on collision while driving to work on a highway near Bonham. The client was born and raised in a Middle Eastern Islamic country, and he speaks English with an Arabic accent. On the day of the accident the client was treated rudely at a local emergency room and sent home with a diagnosis of mild neck and low back sprains. That night the client almost died. His wife was a nurse for a physician at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The next morning she drove her husband to be examined by her employer. The physician immediately diagnosed the perforated intestine and admitted the client to the hospital for the emergency abdominal surgery that saved his life. Had the diagnosis been delayed for a few more hours the client would likely have developed fatal peritonitis. As it was the client made a full recovery to his former state of health and returned to work within weeks.

Internal injuries in intersection collision
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

  • Our client was a technician at Veterans Hospital who suffered internal injuries in an intersection collision on Ledbetter Drive while riding with a coworker on lunch break. This case was complicated by the inadvertent verbal misrepresentation of the defendant’s claims representative as to the amount of the defendant’s liability coverage limits. The much higher true limits were learned by filing suit and requiring the defendant to disclose his policy limits under oath subject to penalty of perjury.

Jury verdict in intersection collision case
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

  • We represented a college student who suffered two broken legs in a three vehicle collision. Policy limits were paid by the insurer for one driver. After jury trial against the other driver the court entered judgment NOV for our client. The defendant elected to forego appeal and paid the full amount of the judgment.

Hit by speeding police car on emergency call
Suit filed in District Court of Collin County.

  • A Plano police officer on an emergency call was using flashing lights but no siren. He tried to pass four cars at an intersection on 15th Street. Three cars saw him coming in their rear view mirrors and pulled over. Our client did not. She made a left turn into his path. The fellow officer who prepared the accident report found that the client was at fault but not the officer on emergency call. The client suffered a broken femur requiring surgery. She was a single parent working full time while successfully raising three sons. (All were making high marks in school and the oldest was starting defensive back on the Plano East High School football team.) The attorney first employed withdrew after being unable to obtain any offer from the City of Plano. The client called the Dallas Bar Association, who referred her to us. We filed suit, interviewed all witnesses who could still be found and took oral depositions of a number of employees of the Plano Police Department. We developed evidence that applicable regulations of the Plano Police Department require use of both lights and siren by officers on emergency call who exceed the speed limit or otherwise violate normal traffic laws. According to the City Attorney the recovery was the highest settlement ever paid by the City of Plano in a personal injury case.

Stop sign collision on Custer Road in Richardson
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

  • The client was referred to us by a Dallas personal injury attorney. A salesman was demonstrating the acceleration capability of a car offered for sale. The client, a prospective customer, was a passenger. The salesman intentionally ran two stop signs, commenting that he was a former race car driver. At the second stop sign he was T-Boned by another car. The client sustained a knee injury that led to arthroscopic surgery. Through written discovery and oral depositions we developed evidence that the salesman was negligently hired and inadequately trained by the automobile dealership. While suit was pending the dealership’s liability insurance company was declared insolvent. The damages were paid by the Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Fund of Texas (TPCIGF).

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