Hit and Run Accidents

Being in a car accident is serious, but things can go from bad to worse if the other driver decides to leave the scene without warning. This can leave you and your passengers feeling angry and helpless. In this situation, you may find it difficult to determine how to go about receiving the compensation for the damages and injuries you’ve suffered. At the Ramey Law Firm, we are committed to helping you get through this uncertainty as easily as possible and never alone.

Act Fast

If a driver leaves the scene of your accident without providing any sort of contact or insurance information, take steps to ensure that your case remains strong. Collecting as much information about the other vehicle as possible can make it easier for authorities to find the driver and for your insurance company to execute your claim.

After the accident, collect information such as:

  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle make
  • License plate number

If there are witnesses, it is very important to speak with them to collect their names and contact information for future use. Other crucial steps include:

  • Record the accident’s time and location
  • Photograph the accident scene
  • Photograph your vehicle, especially if there are visible damages

If your car was hit while it was parked and you were away, the need for information such as time, location and the damages upon discovery are also important. Make sure to file a police report that includes every detail about your hit and run accident.

We Can Help

At the Ramey Law Firm, we understand how powerless you may feel after a hit and run accident, especially when serious damages and injuries occur. There’s nothing fair about suffering huge medical fees and painful recovery after someone’s negligent and criminal actions.

Our personal injury attorneys will work relentlessly to help restore your wellbeing and get your life back on track. We will listen to your recollection of events while helping you understand your options. For more information about our legal services, contact us in Dallas today.

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