Lawsuits After Losing a Loved One in a Fatal Pedestrian Accident By Hardin Ramey on May 09, 2024

pedestrian walking in a crosswalkPedestrian accidents are often more devastating than car accidents, leading to serious injuries and even death. If your loved one is not responsible for the accident that led to their wrongful death, you need an attorney on your side.

Hardin R. Ramey at Ramey Law Firm, PLLC in Dallas, TX, can help you secure compensation for your loved one’s medical bills, funeral expenses, and the financial hardship your family may be experiencing due to their passing. Wondering where to start? Here’s who you can sue in a pedestrian accident wrongful death case:

1. Negligent Motorists

Car accidents and pedestrian accidents often occur because of a negligent driver. Common reasons a driver may accidentally hit a pedestrian include:

  • They were fatigued.
  • They were distracted.
  • They didn’t stop at a crosswalk.
  • They made a turn without looking.
  • They were driving under the influence.
  • They didn’t see your loved one as they walked along the road.

When this kind of negligence leads to a fatality, a motorist can be held responsible. Our attorney can help you file a lawsuit against the motorist so you can focus on honoring the memory of your loved one and keeping your family together.

2. Local Municipalities

Local municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of streets. Your city or county may be liable for a pedestrian accident or wrongful death if it was caused by:

  • A broken traffic light
  • Poor road conditions
  • Obstructions that limit the driver’s or pedestrian’s view

Our personal injury lawyer can determine if an oversight by a local municipality was the reason for the accident.

3. City Planners

City planners are responsible for making our roads safe for motorists and pedestrians. When they fall short, the effects can be devastating. A city planner could be held responsible for the accident when:

  • There are no pedestrian-activated stoplights where they are needed
  • There are no crosswalks near bus stops, apartment buildings, or stores
  • Another oversight resulting in a fatality or injury

Even after city planners have put a plan in place for a road, they can still see where roads need further attention. For example, security camera footage often shows where pedestrians commonly cross a road. This evidence suggests a natural spot for a crosswalk, and the city planners should implement a plan to address this. Our attorneys can help you file a lawsuit against city planners when they fail to make our Dallas roads as safe as possible.

Dallas Roads Can Be Dangerous for Pedestrians

In just 11 months, five pedestrians were struck along Loop 12—all on the same stretch of road that is less than one mile long. From 2019-2023, at least 479 injuries and 105 fatalities occurred along Loop 12.

As Texans call on city planners to take action and make our roads safer, these accidents continue to occur. If a loved one succumbed to the injuries they sustained in a pedestrian accident, we hope you’ll contact us so we can help make things right.

Put a Pedestrian Accident Attorney on Your Side—Reach Out Today

We know that nothing we do can bring your loved one back, but we hope financial compensation can alleviate the financial burden you may be experiencing and your wrongful death lawsuit can put change into motion to prevent this kind of accident from happening to anyone else. It all starts with a consultation at our Dallas, TX, office.

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