What’s Involved in a Truck Accident Investigation? By Hardin Ramey on May 11, 2023

Truck accidentTruck accidents frequently cause catastrophic personal injuries for those involved. Accident injuries lead to additional losses that are economic and non-economic in nature. Persons or parties liable for truck accidents should be held accountable for related losses. Truck accident victims in the Dallas, TX, area can work with personal injury lawyer Hardin R. Ramey to pursue compensation for accident damages.

When building a truck accident case, Hardin Ramey works alongside experts in the field to conduct an investigation. Here, we provide an overview of what’s involved in a truck accident investigation and the process of establishing liability so accident victims can be justly compensated for their losses.

Collection of Evidence

Evidence is the foundation of a personal injury case. Ideally, our investigators can start collecting evidence shortly after a truck accident. Evidence can be collected from the accident scene, including photographs of the crash site, damaged vehicles, and personal injuries. Other sources of evidence include available video of the collision, receipts and records pertaining to the accident, and accident police reports.

Interview Witnesses

Eyewitness testimony is a valuable asset when conducting a truck accident investigation. Individuals involved in a truck accident should collect contact information for any crash witnesses. Hardin Ramey and his team identify accident witnesses and conduct interviews to put together a complete picture of the collision.

Examine Truck Records and Data Recorder

When an accident involves a commercial truck, it’s necessary to examine the records of the truck driver and the truck company. Records include the driver’s logbook (to track hours of service), the driver’s driving record, and the driver’s personnel file. Records allow us to look for any previous accidents or safety violations. We also examine the trucking company’s records to determine if they have adhered to hours of service regulations and routine truck maintenance.

Many commercial trucks have data recorders, which are like an airplane’s black box. Our investigators locate and analyze data from the recorder. The data recorder turns on when an accident occurs and records information such as the truck’s speed, whether the brakes were applied, changes in acceleration and deceleration, tire pressure, and GPS location.

Examine the Truck

Examining the truck is a vital aspect of a truck accident investigation. A truck examination allows us to assess the truck’s mechanical condition and identify any equipment defects or failures that could have contributed to the crash.

Identify the Accident Causation Factor and Liability

Accident investigators examine all collected evidence and data to determine the accident causation factor, which is the primary catalyst of the crash. Determining the accident causation factor allows us to establish liability. Depending on what causes an accident, liability may fall on the driver, the trucking company, the party responsible for vehicle maintenance, or a parts manufacturer.

Assess Accident Damages

The final stage of a truck accident investigation is the assessment of our Dallas client’s damages. Accident damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, diminished wage-earning capacity, and pain and suffering. We demonstrate the extent of accident losses so our clients can pursue adequate compensation from liable parties.

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After a truck accident, a knowledgeable lawyer, such as Hardin R. Ramey, can prove invaluable in establishing accident liability, demonstrating injury losses, and pursuing compensation for damages. To discuss the details of your case with our legal team, send us a message online or call our Dallas law firm at (972) 437-5577.

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