Premises Liability and Inadequate Building Security By Hardin Ramey on June 30, 2022

Crowded shopping mallEach day, people across the country become victims of violent crimes. These crimes often result in physical injury, emotional trauma, and financial losses. When these types of crimes take place at a business or establishment that lacks proper security, victims may be able to pursue financial compensation from the property owner by filing a premises liability lawsuit.

At the Ramey Law Firm, we work with injury victims in the Dallas, TX, area to handle cases involving premises liability and inadequate building security so that our clients can be justly compensated for economic and non-economic damages related to their injuries.

Understanding Premises Liability

Premises liability laws hold property owners responsible for maintaining the safety of their premises. Properties should be free of hazards and should meet safety standards that prevent visitors or guests from being injured. 

Premises liability claims often involve accidents caused by dangers such as wet or slippery floors, broken or missing guardrails, loose flooring, or walkway obstructions. However, a premises liability claim can also be filed if an injury is caused by a lack of safety features, such as inadequate security. Property owners should provide reasonable security measures to protect visitors from foreseeable crimes by third parties.

What Is Inadequate Security?

Under premises liability laws, property owners can be held accountable if someone on their premises is injured because they are the victim of a crime that could have (or should have) been prevented by adequate security. 

Inadequate security could pertain to a complete lack of security or to insufficient security measures. There are many issues that could be classified as inadequate security, and they may involve safety equipment, security systems, or security personnel. Common examples of inadequate security include:

  • Inadequate security cameras (either no cameras are present or there are not enough cameras to adequately cover the premises)
  • Inadequate security guards (again, either a complete lack of security guards or not enough guards to adequately cover the premises)
  • Lack of proper lighting in the parking lot, outer walkways, etc.
  • Failure to install security alarms or failure to maintain working alarms
  • Failure to train security personnel on proper safety protocols

Premises Liability Damages

If someone is injured in a crime that took place because a property had inadequate security, victims can file a premises liability claim to hold property owners accountable for all the damages related to their injuries. At the Ramey Law Firm, we assist our Dallas clients in pursuing compensation for physical, emotional, and financial losses, which may include:

  • Medical expenses for injury treatment
  • The cost of ongoing medical care or rehabilitation
  • The cost of psychological treatment or therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages or loss of wage-earning potential (if injuries cause the victim to be unable to work or earn an income)

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of a crime that could have been prevented by adequate security measures, you should consider filing a premises liability claim. To discuss your case with the lawyers at the Ramey Law Firm, and learn how much financial compensation you may be due, send us a message online or call our Dallas practice at (972) 437-5577.

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