Truck Accidents Caused by Blind Spots By Hardin Ramey on March 04, 2022

commercial trucks driving down the roadBecause of their substantial size and weight, accidents involving commercial trucks are known to be some of the most catastrophic collisions. Unfortunately, commercial trucks have many characteristics that increase the likelihood of an accident, including large blind spots.

Truck drivers should be trained to know their vehicle’s blind spots, and to take necessary steps to check them before making maneuvers. If a truck driver’s recklessness or neglect contributes to a truck accident caused by blind spots, injury victims may be due compensation for damages. Truck accident lawyer Hardin R. Ramey assists individuals in the Dallas, TX, area in holding liable parties accountable for accident losses.

Where Are a Commercial Truck’s Blind Spots?

Commercial trucks have significant blind spots on every side of the vehicle. When a vehicle is traveling in one of these spots, which are also referred to as “no zones,” a truck driver will likely be unable to see them in one of the vehicle’s mirrors. It is helpful to know where a commercial truck’s blind spots are, and to avoid driving in these areas whenever possible.

  • The front of the truck’s cab - Directly in front of the cab of a semi- or commercial truck there is approximately 20 feet of space that is not visible to the truck driver.
  • The rear of the trailer - The blind spot at the back of a commercial truck extends approximately 30 feet out from the rear of the trailer.
  • The right hand side of the truck - Any vehicle in the two lanes directly to the right of a commercial truck may be hidden in the truck’s blind spot.
  • The left hand side of the truck - The blind spot on the left hand side of a commercial truck usually extends from the back of the driver’s door down to the end of the vehicle.

Causes of Blind Spot Truck Accidents

Commercial truck blind spots pose a risk to all other drivers on the road. It is essential that truck drivers are aware of blind spots and remain constantly vigilant about tracking their vehicle’s surroundings, so that an accident can be avoided. Unfortunately, drivers do not always take the necessary precautions, and numerous people are injured each year in blind spot truck accidents. Common causes of these types of collisions include:

  • Insufficient truck driver training or failure to hire truck drivers with adequate qualifications
  • Lack of appropriate mirrors 
  • Misplacement or misuse of mirrors to minimize blind spots
  • Failure to monitor traffic and vehicle surroundings
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Driving under the influence

Liability for Blind Spot Truck Accidents

Trucking companies rarely admit fault for a truck accident caused by blind spots. They often argue that involved vehicles should not have been traveling through a no zone. However, it is a truck driver’s responsibility to recognize their blind spots, because most drivers are not aware of where these no zones exist. Furthermore, it is not always possible for a vehicle to avoid traveling in a blind spot. 

Ultimately, liability for a blind spot truck accident usually falls on the driver of the commercial truck or the company that employs them. Lawyer Hardin R. Ramey works on behalf of his Dallas clients to gather the evidence necessary to establish accident liability, so that injury victims can be justly compensated for resulting damages. 

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