How Brake Problems Can Lead to Trucking Accidents By Hardin Ramey on March 30, 2021

A truck driving down a roadTrucking accidents can result in extensive injuries with lifelong consequences. Truck accident lawyer Hardin R. Ramey can help those who have been involved in a serious trucking accident get the compensation they deserve.

When a large truck’s brakes are poorly maintained or defective, it can be difficult for truck drivers to stop in time to avoid hazards, pedestrians, or other vehicles. At the Ramey Law Firm, we understand the severity of trucking accidents and brake problems. Our Dallas, TX, law office can hold negligent parties accountable for property damage and any injuries sustained by you or a loved one in a large truck collision.

The Dangers of Brake Problems in Commercial Trucks

Brake problems in any vehicle can lead to accidents, but it’s especially dangerous when brake failure occurs in commercial trucks. This is because commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Compare that to most passenger vehicles, which generally weigh under 4,000 pounds.

The massive size of commercial trucks can make it difficult for them to stop quickly, which is why properly working brakes are essential. When there are problems with a truck’s brakes, it can lead to a catastrophic, multi-vehicle accident.

Causes of Large Truck Brake Problems

There are two primary reasons brake problems may occur. These are poor brake maintenance and manufacturer defects.

Poor Brake Maintenance

Properly functioning brakes are necessary for the safe operation of commercial trucks. It’s the legal responsibility of trucking companies to maintain the brakes on their trucks so that they are in proper working order.

Unfortunately, some trucking companies in Dallas don’t routinely check their vehicles’ brakes. Some may only service their brakes when they begin to show signs of wear or damage. This can leave less obvious brake issues to go unrepaired, potentially contributing to an accident.

Manufacturer Defects

Brakes on large trucks must be able to meet certain performance standards in order to be considered safe for use. For example, brakes on large trucks must be able to slow a big rig to a stop within a reasonable time. The brakes must also provide a certain amount of force to safely stop a large truck.

Product defects could include flaws in the materials used to make the brakes, problems during the manufacturing process, or issues with the design of the brake system. Whatever the case may be, these brakes are considered defective and dangerous on the road.

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident Caused by Brake Problems?

Liability for brake problems depends on the source of the problem. When brake problems stem from negligent maintenance, the trucking company or owner of the trucking fleet may be held liable.

If brake problems occur due to a defect in the manufacturing or design of the brakes, the brake manufacturer may be held liable for injuries and property damage resulting from their faulty product.

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