Damages in Gas Explosion Cases By Hardin Ramey on October 06, 2020

judge’s chambersGas explosions are some of the most devastating types of accidents. These sudden, powerful fires can result in catastrophic injuries and other serious losses, including those that are economic in nature and those that are non-economic.

If a gas explosion is the result of neglect or recklessness, liable parties should be held accountable for all resulting losses. Gas explosion victims in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas can work with personal injury attorney Hardin R. Ramey to pursue financial compensation for their losses. Here, we will review the potential damages in a gas explosion case.

Medical Expenses

Gas explosions often result in catastrophic injuries, such as severe burns, impact injuries (from flying debris), blast wave injuries, lung damage, and traumatic brain injuries. Not only do these types of injuries have a significant impact on a person’s way of life, but they require extensive, and often lengthy, medical treatment. 

Gas explosion victims should be compensated for the full range of medical expenses incurred after their accident, including any hospitalization or surgery fees, prescription costs, and the expense of therapy, rehabilitation, and treatment. Injury victims should receive damages for not only past medical expenses, but also those that may be incurred in the future as continual injury care is needed.

Lost Wages and/or Loss of Wage Earning Potential

If someone is injured in a gas explosion, they will likely require extensive time off from work. Depending on a person’s work duties, they may require a long-term leave of absence, or they may need to pursue a different line of work. In the most catastrophic cases, injury victims may be unable to return to work altogether. This can significantly impact a person’s financial stability. It is important that gas explosion victims are awarded damages for any lost wages, and, if applicable, the loss of wage earning potential.

Pain and Suffering

The types of injuries sustained in a gas explosion can be extremely painful. Injury victims are likely to deal with long-term discomfort, which can affect their quality of life. Although pain and suffering is not a damage that can be easily quantified, victims are due financial compensation for the physical pain that they have and/or will continue to endure as a result of explosion injuries.

Emotional Trauma

In addition to physical pain and suffering, victims of gas explosions are likely to experience emotional trauma. Our Dallas clients may deal with stress or anxiety for some time following their accident. Some may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Following a gas explosion, victims are eligible for damages for any emotional trauma caused by the incident, as well as the cost of any therapy or psychological care used to help cope with the trauma.

Punitive Damages

While not as common, some of our Dallas clients may receive punitive damages in their personal injury case. Punitive damages are awarded if the actions of the defendant involved fraud, malice, or gross negligence. This type of damage punishes the defendant to deter them from similar actions in the future.

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