Gas Explosions and Failure to Respond to Odors By Hardin Ramey on June 11, 2020

A person working on a gas pipeEven a small gas leak can have a huge impact, sometimes causing serious injuries or even death. A gas explosion lawyer can help those injured from a gas leak explosion get compensation for their injuries and pain and suffering.

Often, one of the most noticeable warnings before a gas explosion is the smell of gas. When utility companies are contacted about gas odors and fail to respond, it can cause a devastating gas explosion.

At Ramey Law Firm, attorney Hardin R. Ramey helps hold negligent parties responsible for gas explosions and failure to respond to odors in and around Dallas, TX

The Smell of Gas Calls for Prompt Action

In most cases, gas leaks are noticed by their smell. The distinct, sulfur-like smell of gas is actually a chemical called mercaptan that is added to gas. It helps alert people to a gas leak. Without the added scent, natural gas is odorless.

In Dallas, gas is commonly used in homes and businesses to heat buildings, heat water, and cook food, which is why it's so important that people are able to smell gas if it is leaking. If prompt action is not taken to stop a gas leak, it can lead to a dangerous explosion. 

Gas Odors and Gas Explosions

When gas odors are smelled, it means that gas is present and leaking from somewhere. As gas leaks in a building, it mixes with air, causing the pressure in the room to rise.

Once the gas and air reaches a certain level, it creates an extremely volatile situation that only takes the tiniest spark, like from static electricity or lighting a match, to cause an explosion.

Failure to Respond to Gas Odors Can Have Devastating Consequences

As soon as gas is smelled, steps must be taken to pinpoint the source in order to prevent gas from increasing the pressure in a space and causing an explosion.

When gas odors are present, it's important that the gas utility company is contacted and that they send a qualified technician out to inspect the source of the odor.

If the utility company fails to respond to the gas leak complaint and an explosion occurs, it can lead to the unnecessary and preventable injuries or even deaths of people inside the building.

Holding Negligent Parties Responsible

When negligence leads to a gas explosion, it's important that responsible parties are held liable to help prevent such a travesty from happening again. It is also important to help those who have been affected to receive financial relief for the burdens their injuries or the death of a loved has placed on them.

Through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, victims may be able to recover compensation for such damages as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering

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