Gas Explosions and Underground Pipe Leaks By Hardin Ramey on June 11, 2019

Wreckage from an explosionGas explosions are some of the most devastating types of accidents. When a gas explosion occurs, it nearly always results in catastrophic injuries, and, frequently, lost lives. Sadly, almost every gas explosion that takes place could have been prevented, because nearly every gas explosion is the result of human error or neglect.

One of the most common causes of gas explosions is underground pipe leaks. Anyone who has been injured in a gas explosion linked to underground pipe leaks has a right to seek financial compensation for losses stemming from their injuries. The personal injury attorneys at Ramey Law Firm can assist injury victims in the Dallas, TX area in holding responsible parties accountable for damages.

What Causes Underground Pipe Leaks?

Underground pipe leaks are a leading cause of gas explosions. If underground pipes wear down or become damaged, they can emit gas fumes into the air. As soon as gas mixes with the air in a confined space, a single spark is all it takes to cause a catastrophic or deadly explosion.

Underground pipe leaks are nearly always linked to either negligence or product defects. Product defects are errors in the manufacturing or design process that cause pipes to be weak or prone to damage.

Even if pipes are designed and constructed correctly, leaks can occur if the pipes are neglected. Pipes will wear down over time, and they need to be properly inspected and maintained. If pipes do not receive proper maintenance or are not replaced when needed, leaks become a big risk.

Gas Explosion Damages

Gas explosions can cause tremendous harm to anyone in the vicinity of the accident. Aside from the damaging heat and flames, gas explosions carry a powerful force. If someone survives a gas explosion, they are likely to suffer from catastrophic injuries such as:

  • Severe burns
  • Lung injuries
  • Impact injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, or traumatic brain injuries
  • Cuts or penetration injuries from flying debris
  • Eye injuries

Unfortunately, physical injuries are only one aspect of gas explosion damages. Gas explosions are traumatizing events that can leave our Dallas clients dealing with emotional and psychological conditions. As victims recover from physical and phycological injuries, they will likely be unable to work. A loss of income can just further increase the stress experienced by injury victims.

Liability for Damages

The attorneys at Ramey Law Firm work alongside experts in the field to carefully investigate the details of a gas explosion so that we can determine who should be held liable for accident damages.

When a gas explosion is caused by underground pipe leaks, potential liable parties include property owners, the utility company, and product manufacturers. In some cases, liability is shared by a number of parties. Our attorneys will explore all potential avenues of compensation so that our Dallas clients can seek the maximum compensation they are due for accident damages.

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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a gas explosion, it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side as you seek compensation for damages. To discuss the details of your case with one of the personal injury attorneys at Ramey Law Firm, contact us at your earliest convenience or call (972) 437-5577 to schedule a consultation.

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