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Motorcycle / Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident in South America
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

    Our client was a resident of New Jersey vacationing in Georgetown, Guyana. He was riding a rented motorcycle at high speed when he collided with an SUV that came from a side road into his path. The SUV was owned by a Texas oil company and driven by a Dallas resident. The New Jersey attorney first employed withdrew after being unable to obtain any settlement offer from any source. The client contacted the Dallas Bar Association, who recommended our firm. We filed suit against the driver and the driver’s employer in Texas. Defendants vigorously contested jurisdiction and sought to transfer the case to Guyana under the doctrine of forum non conveniens. (Personal injury damage awards in Guyana are absurdly low. The highest published award in that country is equivalent to less than US$1,500 for an amputated arm.) We obtained a settlement at mediation. We filed a separate lawsuit in the United States District Court in Dallas to contest the subrogation lien claimed by the ERISA employee benefit plan that had paid for much of our client’s medical treatment in New Jersey. We were able to obtain for our client a discount of more than half of the claimed lien amount.


Motorcycle accident on Coit Road in Richardson
Suit filed in District Court of Dallas County.

    Two Richardson teenagers were riding a motorcycle south on Coit Road near Spring Valley. Our client was driving, and his best friend was riding on the back. The defendant was a motorist who is now deceased but who at the time was president and CEO of Texas Instruments. He was stopped at a stop sign, waiting to turn left to go north on Coit. The line of sight between the motorcycle and the car was blocked by a fence. The car started forward into the path of the motorcycle. The boy on the back (whose family we did not represent) was killed. Our client’s only physical injury was a broken leg. After filing of suits and oral depositions of the parties a favorable settlement was reached. Our client’s leg healed. But he never recovered from an irrational guilt associated with the death of his friend. The real tragedy in this case occurred more than a year after the case was concluded by settlement. The young man took his father’s rifle and shot himself. Somehow the Texas Instruments president learned of the suicide. He took time away from his duties and attended the boy’s funeral.


Bicycle accident on Campbell Road in Richardson
Suit filed in District Court of Collin County.

    Our client was a 16 old athlete who competes in national bicycle races. He was on a pre-dawn training ride on Campbell Road when a motorist “cut the corner” making a turn. The boy suffered injuries to his face and teeth. After suit and oral depositions a favorable settlement was achieved.