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Injuries Caused By Negligent Homeowners

Gunshot wound to right arm
Suit filed in District Court of Travis County.

    Best friends were hunting feral hogs in Llano County. The hunters were walking three abreast through brush country communicating with each other by walkie talkie. A hog jumped up in front and ran to the right. The defendant fired, missed the hog and hit our client, whose position was obscured by brush. The rifle bullet passed through the client’s shirt, entered the right wrist and exited below the elbow. After emergency surgery and two years of vigorous rehabilitation exercises the client regained full strength in the arm, though he is left with some degree of permanent disfigurement.


Dog bite injury to face
Suit filed in District Court of Hunt County.

    We represented an elderly widow who had retired after many years service for the State of Ohio. She was visiting in her son’s home in Hunt County near Greenville. The son owned several dogs. One was an Alaskan Malamute, somewhat similar to a Husky sled dog. The Malamute had never before bitten a person, but there was evidence that he held the status of aggressive “alpha male” leader over the other dogs in the home. The Malamute was lying quietly on the double bed between our client and the son’s wife, who was reading the morning newspaper. Our client looked over and made eye contact with the dog. With no other provocation the dog attacked and bit off the client’s right eyebrow. Attempt at surgical reattachment was unsuccessful. The client will have a permanent disfigurement, though somewhat concealed by skillful use of cosmetics. We filed suit against the client’s son and daughter-in-law. The case was settled for the limits of the defendants’ homeowners’ liability insurance policy without requiring any cash payment by the son or daughter-in-law.