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FELA (Railroad Workers)

Suit under FELA by trackman against railroad employer
Suit filed in District Court of Tarrant County.

    Our client was hit by crossties that fell from a truck crane when the crane arm extended farther than the cable length would allow. The client suffered a broken leg requiring surgery. We filed suit alleging that the injury was caused by the fault of the railroad in failing to provide safe equipment. The railroad denied the claim on the basis that the accident was caused by the client’s own negligence in operating the hand controller box. We engaged a very competent expert witness. Our expert disassembled the hand controller box and proved by testing each of the separate wires that the electrical wiring was defective. The results of his testing were documented by hundreds of photographs. The expert’s deposition testimony established beyond any doubt that defective wiring caused the crane to continue movement after the client removed his finger from the controller button. The amount recovered was over and above the medical expenses and wage loss benefits already paid by the railroad.