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Do I Need Proof of My Slip and Fall Injuries?

Ramey FAQsIf you or a loved one has experienced the pain and suffering of a slip and fall injury, you may be entitled to compensation. However, there are several things you can prepare yourself with to help strengthen your case. One of these is proof of suffering and physical injury. If you are looking to seek monetary compensation for medical bills and lost wages, it doesn’t hurt to provide evidence of your injuries. This may include pictures, witness reports and medical documentation. You will additionally have to prove that your injury occurred as a direct result of a premises violation.

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It’s unfair to have to deal with the aftermath of a slip and fall accident on your own, but know that you are not alone. The Ramey Law Firm is ready to put up a fight for you with compassionate legal counsel and effective case-managing methods. Contact our location in Dallas to begin the search for the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.