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The Many Dangers of Inattentive Driving

distracted drivingWe depend on our vehicles every day to get us to our destinations in comfort and with great ease. Motorists are expected to drive with the utmost attention, yet many continue to lose focus while on the road. When your mind begins to drift, you place yourself, the ones you love and other drivers closer to some very serious danger.

No Eyes on the Screen

Inattentive driving usually consists of such things as eating, applying makeup or cell phone use while behind the wheel. These actions are common amongst motorists, but cell phone usage is regarded as one of the major causes of accidents nationwide. There are about 1 million Americans driving and texting at any given time. Cell phone usage while driving was a contributing factor in the 4,704 inattentive driving-related deaths recorded in 2007.

While Bluetooth headsets and hands-free devices have been introduced, experts are hesitant to support them as an alternative as they can also be distracting. Play it safe and wait until you’ve arrived at your destination to check your phone.

Heed the Warnings

The Insurance Research Council revealed the most common cause of accidents in large cities is drivers who disregard red lights. Many drivers will accelerate when a light turns yellow in order to avoid a red light, but doing so while not paying attention to your surroundings can be extremely dangerous. In 2005, about 150,000 injuries and 800 fatalities were attributed to red-light running, but the problems don’t stop there. The cost to repair the damages of red-light running-related accidents averages to about $14 billion per year.

Buckle Up

We’re all guilty of forgetting things, it’s only natural. However, there are certain things you must remember no matter what. When entering your vehicle, make sure all passengers are buckled up. Forgetting to do so can potentially mean serious injury if an accident takes place. Do the right thing and buckle up at all times.

Let Us Handle Your Case

An accident as a result of someone else’s negligence can mean hard times for you and your family. Don’t let medical bills, physical pain and loss of wages take a toll on your quality of life. Fight back for the justice you and your loved ones deserve. With the Ramey Law Firm by your side, you can begin the journey towards compensation. Visit our office in Dallas and tell us your story so we can begin building your case.