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Mending the Woes of Prescription Medication Errors

When visiting a hospital or clinic, you place your well-being in the hands of those committed to helping you through any condition and trust their judgment when given prescription medication. Unfortunately, medication errors are an alarmingly common occurrence that can potentially result in worsened health for you or a close family member. If you have been the victim of a prescription error, the Ramey Law Firm is ready to fight for you.

Shocking Numbers

The Journal of the American Medical Association states that prescription medication errors may be the third-leading cause of death in our nation. Over 200,000 people die annually as a result of a medication error and more than a million are victims of serious injuries. Additionally, the Institute of Medicine revealed that prescription errors are one of the most common mistakes made by healthcare institutions.

Common Mistakes

A mistake in prescription medication can be made by a doctor prescribing the wrong medication or dosage, a pharmacist misunderstanding the prescription or a healthcare professional administering medication to the wrong patient. Other common mistakes made in medication handling include:

  • Prescribing a dangerous combination of drugs
  • Drug labeling mistakes
  • Not describing side effects or potential dangers
  • Failing to provide the correct instructions

At the Ramey Law Firm, we hold our values in high regard and will work around the clock to hold doctors or other healthcare professionals accountable for their negligence.

Undying Representation

You rely on the healthcare field’s high standards and deserve the best as a patient. You shouldn’t be burdened by pain and worry if any mistakes are made on their part. Our product liability attorney is committed to defend the victims of prescription medicine errors and will work diligently to ensure you and your family are given the justice you deserve. Contact the Ramey Law Firm today for more information about our thorough legal services.