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5 Actions to Avoid After a Car Crash

It’s far too common for a panicked driver to make irrational decisions and mistakes after a car crash. However, in times like these, you should try your best to remain calm. Making errors can potentially result in legal trouble in the aftermath of your accident. You may know what to do after a car accident, but at the Ramey Law Firm, we want to show you the five things you should never do.

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Man Files Lawsuit After Claiming Injuries in Rear-End Accident

It’s easy to believe that there are no risks or dangers involved while waiting at a red light. After all, what could possibly happen when sitting idly as you wait for the light to change, right? Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are common and can pack enough force to result in serious injuries. A Texas City man recently filed a lawsuit after a rear-end accident where he allegedly suffered debilitating injuries.

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New Report Shows Texas Ranks High for Bicyclist Fatalities

More environmentally conscious Texans are choosing to ride their bikes as an alternative mode of transportation these days. However, while the number of people reducing their carbon footprint by cycling is increasing, so is the number of bicyclist fatalities, according to a new report issued by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). Texas ranked third amongst U.S. States with the highest amount of bicyclists killed by motor vehicles behind California and Florida.

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Woman Killed, Deputy Injured After Intoxicated Car Accident

The majority of lawsuits filed in American courts are a result of driver negligence. A driver’s irresponsibility and recklessness can potentially put other motorists in grave danger and inch them closer to catastrophic injuries. This situation became an unfortunate reality for two people in Houston who suffered as a result of a driver’s negligence and alleged intoxication.

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Alleged Drunk Driver May Face Charges After Crash

Road traffic can significantly dwindle during the late hours of the evening, but this doesn’t mean the streets are completely free of danger. Drunk driving can be significantly prevalent during these hours, depending on the time of week. Nonetheless, this irresponsible act can potentially put any motorist in danger. Unfortunately, for two drivers in Bexar […]

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