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Trucking Accident Claims the Lives of 4, Including Two Children, Pregnant Woman

The sheer size and power of a semi-truck can intimidate even the most seasoned motorist, yet there are other factors that can potentially make their presence on the road very dangerous. These trucks, at times, are under the control of drivers who are either under-rested or overworked, both of which are recipes for disaster. Unfortunately, […]

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Driver, Passengers Face Charges After Hit-And-Run Accident

Texas law requires drivers who’ve experienced a car accident, regardless of fault, to remain at the scene of the crash. This ensures that proceedings following the accident are completed effectively and safely. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to abide by the law, as was the case in a recent Dallas accident that claimed the lives of four women.

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Actor Tracy Morgan Returns to SNL 16 Months After Catastrophic Accident

Tracy Morgan, former Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock cast member, will return to the SNL studio as host on October 17th according to NBC. Although many former cast members have made a return to SNL in the show’s longstanding history, this one is sure to be remembered. The 46-year-old’s return is especially significant due to the serious car accident he experienced on June 7th, 2014.

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Celebrity Case Sheds Light on Dangers on the Road

Tragedies on the road can be a stark reminder that accidents can happen to anybody at anytime. In some manslaughter cases, there are no malicious intents or traces of drugs and alcohol. Sometimes, accidents simply happen. This does not absolve victims of their rights to compensation when their family and lives are affected by these tragedies. As stated before, this can happen to anyone, even celebrities as demonstrated by the recent case of Caitlyn Jenner.

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A Galveston County Woman Blames Driver for Injuries in Rear-End Collision

Driving can come easy for most, but maneuvering hundreds of pounds of steel on busy roads still requires undivided attention at all times. Distractions or carelessness can potentially put you and other motorists in harm’s way. Unfortunately, for a woman in Galveston County, another driver’s alleged failure to act accordingly brought catastrophic injuries.

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Woman Alleges Injuries in Rear-End Crash, Files Lawsuit

The element of surprise is present in almost any type of car accident. Yet, the nature of a rear-end collision can make it far more shocking than any other type of crash. The impact, no matter how light or severe, can potentially make way for some serious injuries, emotional damage and financial hardships. Unfortunately, a woman from Hardin County knowns just how troublesome a rear-end collision can be.

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