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Starting Off Right: Staying Safe During New Year Festivities

The end of the year is upon us once again and you probably couldn’t be happier to spend it with family and friends. While the partying, fun and great company are something to look forward to, there are a few things to keep in mind even as the countdown to 2016 starts.

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with fireworks and drinking; two activities that can potentially put you and your loved ones in harm’s way. The personal injury lawyer of the Ramey Law Firm in Dallas knows your family’s safety is a priority and the following information can help you as the New Year rolls in.

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A Dangerous Blast

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), fireworks were directly responsible for 10,500 injuries treated in emergency departments across the nation in 2014 alone. The CPSC additionally revealed that 11 non-occupational deaths occurred in 10 firework-related incidents that same year. Several of these deaths occurred to individuals who may not have been using fireworks.

Unfortunately, accidents can often happen when a negligent person fails to take the proper safety measures when lighting fireworks. You, other adults or the host of the party can do the following to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Ensure fireworks are legal in your area
  • Keep children away from fireworks at all times
  • Always have an adult supervise firework activities
  • Never re-light fireworks that didn’t ignite
  • Keep a water hose or bucket filled with water nearby at all times
  • Never point fireworks at another person
  • Light fireworks one at a time and step away immediately after lighting them

Intoxication at the Wheel

Drinking and New Year’s celebrations go hand-in-hand, but this doesn’t give anyone the right to drive while intoxicated and put other motorists at risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that drunk drivers were responsible for almost two of every five deaths that have occurred during the New Year’s holiday in the last decade. Preventing this problem can be relatively simple for anyone who will be drinking during celebrations. Make arrangements to take a taxi, choose a designated driver or call an Uber driver to keep yourself and other motorists away from harm’s way.

Prepared to Fight

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep yourself and your family safe, someone else’s negligence can lead to tragedy. This can often mean catastrophic injuries, hospital bills, car repairs and the feeling of despair when faced with having to pay for it all. However, you don’t have to find the solution to your problems on your own.

At the Ramey Law Firm of Dallas, we know how difficult it can be to come out of your accident’s aftermath unscathed, but our personal injury lawyer will help you take the first step towards the compensation you deserve. We’ll listen to your story and use every bit of evidence available to ensure your case is as solid as possible. It’s time to claim the monetary compensation you deserve. Contact us in Dallas for more information today.