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Holiday Season can Mean Danger on Our Roadways

The holiday season is finally here and as many as 42 million Americans will be hitting the road as they make their way to their celebrations. While many Dallas natives are happy to enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day with loved ones, there’s a danger looming around that no one should ignore. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve comes with an increase in road fatalities, with alcohol and speeding being the top contributors.

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Staggering Numbers

According to The Washington Post, the National Safety Council believes car accidents will claim 433 lives and cause 52,300 injuries requiring medical attention during the four-day Thanksgiving weekend. A Forbes report that used data from the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed that, from 1982 to 2009, Thanksgiving had the highest rate of average fatalities per year than any other major holiday. Accidents and fatalities are so notorious during this period that it has unofficially been nicknamed “Black Wednesday”.
The rest of the year’s holidays are not far behind on the list. According to the same Forbes report, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are ranked fifth and sixth, respectively, due to their high number of alcohol-related accidents, arrests and deaths.

We’ll Help Year-Round

Unfortunately, accidents can strike when you least expect them, especially in cities as big as Dallas. Whether you and your loved ones suffered at the hands of a negligent driver on Thanksgiving or even during Spring Break, know that the personal injury lawyer from the Ramey Law Firm will fight in the most professional and aggressive manner.
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